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Web Catalogs

Web Catalog (Products Catalog, ALV2 Catalog)

These catalogs can be viewed just like as if you were looking at a printed catalog, by turning the pages of the digital catalog. The “Product Catalog” contains representative products from MIWA LOCK, from mechanical locks to electric locks. The ALV2 series are catalogs that contain information on hotel card locks. You can launch the catalogs directly by clicking on any of the images or buttons below.

Main Features

1. You can view each page by turning pages just like you would in a printed catalog. 2. You can search for keywords, page No. or item No. and jump directly to that page. 3. Click on the left or right arrows to go back or advance one page at a time. You can also use the page scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly move between pages. 4. There is a bookmark feature and a feature to add notes for every page. These bookmarks and notes will be saved until you delete them. However, bookmarks and notes will not be transferred if the catalog is updated. 5. You can clip and create data you want or need from each page. 6. You can create a PDF of a single page (left or right page) or of both pages currently on screen. 7. You can print a single page (left or right page) or both pages currently on screen. 8. For details on how to operate the catalog, please refer to the help page that is displayed when you press the help button on the top right of the screen.

Recommended Operating Environment

For Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7:Internet Explorer 11 / Edge(latest version) / FireFox(latest version) / Chrome(latest version)
MacOS X:Safari(latest version)
iOS9 or later:Mobile Safari
Android 5 or later:Chrome(latest version)

*If your browser has a pop-up blocking feature, please temporarily disable this feature to view the catalogs.